Smokeless Coals


Our best performing smokeless coal – it lasts up to 40% longer than house coal giving out over 30% more heat, producing great heat performance and burning with a beautifully natural flame. Homefire smokeless coal is also better for the environment too as it emits 5 times less smoke and 25% less Carbon Dioxide than house coal. The coal is a large ovoid shape.


It gives a good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat. An economy smokeless coal, Lasts 40% longer and also produces 80% less smoke than standard coal. This is a smaller ovoid shape.


Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs

The highest quality logs available, they have a very low moisture content and will burn at a high temperature and with a natural flame and aroma.

Heat logs

Easy to light logs which burn with a long flame and a good heat output. Often used as an aid to lighting fires, or to top up existing fires. Made from 100% recycled wood.

Shimada (Heat Logs)

A high-energy, next-generation fuel, these ultra-dry heat logs provide an attractive flame and sustained heat output. An excellent alternative to traditional firewood. Easy to light can be used alone or as a fire starter Suitable for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, chimeneas. 100% clean with no additives or chemicals

Other Logs

If you cut your own logs or buy them from other suppliers, always make sure they are properly seasoned before you burn them, as wet wood can damage your stove or chimney. However, to save you time and money in the long run, we’d recommend you only buy Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs.

Burning smokeless coal and firewood together

Burning smokeless coal and firewood together can be beneficial to your appliance. The extra heat from the solid fuel drives off any moisture in your logs, significantly reducing the build-up of tar and rusting. A fire of both smokeless coal and firewood will also burn hotter for longer.